What kind of Spa Treatments do you offer?

Both Holistic & Ayurveda treatments.

Which Ayurveda Treatments are available?

  • Body massages for rejuvenation and relaxation (Abhyanga, Synchronised Abhyanga and Sugandha Aroma massage)
  • Intensive oil treatments to deal with stress and related inconveniences (Sirodhara and Pizhichil)
  • Detoxification treatments (Podikkizhy and Njavarakkizhy)

Difference between Ayurveda and Holistic Masssages?

Ayurveda Holistic (Western)
Indian traditional massage techniques Classical European techniques
Medium pressure Deep pressure
Long gliding strokes (effleurage), circular movements, friction and compression with emphasis on vital energy points Effleurage, kneading, squeezing, rolling, friction, tapping and hacking techniques with an emphasis on pressure points
Massage direction away from the heart Massage direction towards the heart
Digital pressure point techniques not widely used Extensive use of digital pressure point technique
An overall massage for the whole body starts with a head massage in sitting position followed by back and front massage completed with a foot, neck shoulder and back massage Massage done part by part starting from neck shoulder and back moving down to the legs and then to the front of the body.
Medicated herbal oils prepared from classical recipes are used Herbal oils or blended essential oils are used
Traditionally done on a medicinal wooden massage table, option of using soft mattress for the comfort Soft mattress massage table with a face cradle is used

Which oils are used in Ayurveda Treatments?

Standardised oil combinations are used in general massages but recommended oils selected according to doctor’s prescription will be used for therapeutic massages and treatments. Most of the Ayurvedic oils are sesame oil or coconut oil based and is processed with different medicinal herbs

Standardised oils used in Abhyanga: Ksheerabala oil for head massage (anti stress and rejuvenative); Balaswagandhadi oil (improves circulation, relaxes muscles, strengthens the body and nourishes the skin) and Karpooradi oil (relieves aches and pains) for body massage.

What is Sirodhara and its Benefits?

It is a unique treatment of Ayurveda for relieving stress and stress related inconveniences. After an oil massage (30 minutes), warm medicated oil is poured slowly in an oscillating stream on the forehead (30 minutes). The warm oil flows all over the scalp resulting in deep relaxation. Gentle scalp massage is done at intervals during the oil pouring. The treatment is completed with a relaxing scalp massage and a short neck back and shoulders massage in the sitting position.

Standard oil used: Ksheerabala oil (Anti-stress and rejuvenative)

The treatment is given lying on the traditional massage table with a soft pillow under the head. The oil is poured through a cotton thread from a pot mount on a stand at the head end of the massage table. It quiets the mind, awakens the senses, stimulates the nervous system and the senses and effectively removes stress. Improves quality of sleep, relieves general headaches, strengthens hair roots and prevents premature greying. Overall effect is relaxing and relieves stress.

Do you offer Rejuvenation Programmes?

Apart from individual rejuvenating and relaxing massages we also offer Rejuvenation programmes which combines different massages and treatments in a systematic order and administered for 3-7 or more days and are more effective in rebalancing the body system to function efficiently and will help to boost the immune system. Overall effect is relaxing and energising. Advisable for all age groups.

What age group are Spa Treatments Advisable for?

Spa treatments and its benefits are advisable for all; however it is best that a doctor is consulted prior to signing up for any treatments.